Monty, the sled I made was 1/2" ply base, with doubled up 1/2" ply fences and walnut runners. However, I didn’t know I should just screw everything together. I glued it. So I can’t adjust my fence. I used a square when I put it together to get it as accurate as possible. Apparently I didn’t do good enough. Oh well. I went in the garage last night with the intention of building a new one, but I don’t have enough material. It’ll probably be a week or two before I can buy anything either. Oh well!

Kepy, I agree entirely. My uncle swears by Festool, yet at least twice a year he sends tools in for repairs. Tools like DeWalt/Ridgid may not have all of the features a festool gadget may have but the identical features they do have, seem to perform the same. My 100$ Router is JUST as good as his 550$ router. Go figure. When this fails in 4-5 years, I will buy another 100$ one. Meanwhile he will send his in for repairs and get the same old router back with outdated technology(if things advance, which they usually do in 5 years).

I had a friend who could carve the most beautiful works of art with a moderately sharp pocketknife. If you gave me a full set of top notch carving gear I’d be lucky to get a stick figure straight.