Oh Bentlyi there is always one in every crowd…ha ha I was expecting it!

May be she was from Ramsleyswoodworking and a looker to boot

1. Any way my take on it all would be if I was single and she was interested I would try to follow it up somewhat.
2. No doubt she is otherwise why would you try in the first place.

Now Madts:-

I tend to agree with the blokes…sorry leftie, however I do agree an offer is a nice gesture, as its an admittance of their mistake, but as Jim said may have been due to lack of knowledge.

So as we have all"screwed up" somewhere along the line be it big or small I still think encouraging the dieing wood work craft is worth it, as long as the misakes are not repeated too often.

I remember one time I was building Cubby houses for a struggling company and split a piece of Red Cedar cladding highly visible at the front the boss was furious.

Regards Rob