Infinity 8" Flat-Top Saw Blade

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This blade isn't something I look for when crosscutting or ripping. It is however my fav blade to do 1/4, 1/4, 1/4 joinery. Grooves and Dados in drawer sides for 1/4" bottoms, and most of the finger joints I make. Anywhere I need a 1/4" wide cut with a flat bottom, this is my go to. My third most used blade.

1/4" groove for drawer bottom

1/4" finger joints

It's the rim blade from a Dadonator set from Infinity tools. It's an 8" diameter, Flat top grind, x 1/4" wide blade.

Not cheap at $129.00 but to me worth every cent. I never cared to make the rip and flip to make a wider (close to 1/4" cut) and making several passes is really hard to control the width. Here every cut is exactly 1/4" (EXACTLY) and has an absolute flat bottom.

BB Ply, and hardboard are also both perfect fits into the kerf of this blade, so it eliminates all the trial and error time.

I don't have a bunch of pics here, but on this subject is their Dadonator dado blade, with 6 tooth chippers, absolute flat bottom rim blades, and what i feel is the best bang for your buck on a Dado blade. I use mine all the time. It eats the lunch of Forrest, and Ridge blade sets which I believe are both more $$$$$. 

Get on their email list, many of their products end up with sales through the year, or added to bundles where you get more tooling for a lower cost. Great router bits too. Their carbide compression bits are awesome for pattern edging. Pretty good company with excellent quality tooling. I hold them in the same esteem as I do Whiteside. Definitely not free, but excellent quality, longevity is there, and a dream to use. 
a little pricey george, but most good quality tools are. thanks for the review.

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I bought it before I got the Dadonator set. I could have saved the cost. Now I have 3 rim blades. It's all good though. 

Somewhere I have one of those Freud 1/4" and 3/8" blades where you marry both halves to make a nested blade, but it doesn't make as clean of a cut, and it has tiny winglettes in the bottom of the cut. This thing makes chiseled out sides, and a dead flat bottom. 
Thanks for the review! 👍🏼

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