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I want to make this, need some advice, what kind of wood, and finish should I use for the top? TIA!

It looks like 2×6 pine..or whatever reg. 2×4’s are made out of….as for the stain….I think you can achieve this look with early American if you use it heavy and let it soak in…..give it some time…then wipe it off..and or multiple coats.


I’ve seen a mahogany gel stain produce something like that. It is easy to wipe on then wipe off the excess. Construction 2×6′s should take the color pretty fast.

Construction 2″×6″are made from spruce in my area but in diffrent areas they can be made from the lowest cost most available fir the area has to offer. For the finish you can get great results from any of the minwax products, for this I suggest the stain and varathane premixed saving time and guesswork.

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Thanks to everyone for the input!!

  1. pine lumber for the top and looks like a walnut or like Nate said, early American. inexpensive wood available at lumber yard or Lowes, Home Depot