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I’ve never bought from Woodpeckers tools.

I need a new t square. I was looking at their site and saw the 32" t square.

It’s pricey ($144). Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the quality/accuracy of Woodpecker tools.


Nicky, I have their 24" t square and the 1281. I love them both they are build solid and true. Here is a link to save you a few bucks on the tools. I used these guys several times and been very happy. http://www.carbideprocessors.com/woodpeckers-ts-32-2-t-square-32/

If it doesn't spark it doesn't concern me!! Pat

Thanks Belg,


Their Tools are first-rate. I have both their ‘Paolini Bench Rule’ and their ‘8 inch T-square’; and looking to acquire more of their layout tools. You will enjoy using their tools.


I have the 12" square that was 90.00. I also have some shop fox 9.99 versions…(cause I was afraid I would scratch it all up, if I used it too much)…in my mind I have questions if it was worth it.


Thanks guys.


Took the plunge. Bought the 32" t square. I also added the 12"x 8" square.
Thanks for the link Belg.

Moke, my old t square is a Keuffel & Esser that I paid ~$40 in the 80’s. Its seen a fair amount of abuse over the years and has been accurate. I dropped it last weekend and cracked the head. Lots of scars on it that gave it character! Will proudly display it on my office wall.

MJCD, looking forward to the delivery and hope I have the same experience as you.


you can’t go wrong with the woodpecker tools. They are pricey but quality is not cheap…but quality should last a lifetime and cheap usually does not.
I use woodpecker, Incra and starrett tools and have never regretted the investment…

Greg the Cajun Box Sculptor


Precisely. Incra, Woodpecker and Starret are the go-to places within their product ranges; I’ll add Lee Valley for planes, and accessories. They each have customer service departments which provide service commensurate with their products. Quality is expensive, once.

Now, if we could get the stationary and power tool equipment providers to do the same…


Greg, MJCD, I agree with what you’re saying. I have a few Starrett tools, a few LV planes (including a bevel up WOW! only way to describe it)and love my Incra tools. Wonder Fence is in my future.


Sign up with their e club and they will send you discounts and specials.

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