"Killing" the grain on pine boards

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I am getting ready to do a small project with pine an stain it with red mahogany to give it a cherry appearance. I am/ going to use a pre-stain to avoid the bloching, but i was doing a little research and read about killig the grain. However i can not find any info on this technique. Anyone know what it means to “kill” the grain and the technique to do so?

I think that refers to a “washcoat” or using wood conditioner.On woods such as maple, cherry and pine I mix about 10% of my topcoat with lacquer thinner and spray on light uniform coat.Then a very light sanding or scuff, and I am ready to stain.The washcoat prohibits the stain from totally penetrating the wood and therefore will reduce if not completely stop the stain blotching on closed pore woods. Unfortunately this will reduce the grain clearity in the finished piece.
Hope this helps.


That makes sense. I think I will have to try it a few times before I try it on an almost finished project.

In the past i have made new pine look like old pine. simply wash over with a diluted costic soda solution. Make sure you follow safety instructions . allow well to dry!
from memory it makes staining more even . and givss appearnce of strippd old pine. something you may like to try.

I will have to keep that in mind for another project that i need aged wood soon.