Anyone dealt with the Geetech 13" planer/moulder

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I’d been tossing around the idea of buying a grizzly or jet planer/moulder when I came across the geetech which is a company that makes tools for both brands from what I understand. I need to redo all the molding in my house which currently had none, anywhere and making my own would save me a lot of money. What has been slowing me down on getting a jet or grizzly is that both are 13" and I really don’t want a 13" planer, I’d rather ultimately have a 15" or bigger. The geetech seems like it could be the solution, its a lot cheaper and I could recoup some of my money by flipping it and the rest by selling my dewalt. Just don’t know if it is sturdy enough to make all the molding for a 2000 sqft house with 24 windows and16 doorways not to mention crown and baseboard.
I’d expect it to be slower then the jet or grizzly and as noisy as the dewalt but is it out of line for my purposes. Anyone here have any experience with it?