Few kinks fixed

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So a week or so ago i had an issue with my oribtal sander and the pad (hook & loom) keeping the sanding disk attached. So as i was at home depot this morning i was just going to buy a new one. The ryobi had a good pad, almost looked like velcro. I figured i would just buy that. Well they were out of stock, so i look at the pad replacement for the ryobi and it is 4 hole, and my dewalt is 3 hole. Well i bought it any ways got it home drilled new holes and bam, fixed. The bad on the sander is the new ryobi pad the other is the dewalt pad, its only a few weeks old.

Also as i was building some book shelves, build pics coming soon, i was routing some dados for the shelves and they were coming out rough, i dont know how the hell this happened but i looked at the blade and this is what i saw.

No idea how it got so bad, just used it for plywood. Any how went and bought me a new diablo! good clean easy cuts, like butter!

I do need a plastic base for my router. Thats next on the list.

Glad to hear you solved the pad issue. Nice burn job on that bit. Man you really messed that up. Can you at least sharpen the carbides? For your base plate I’ve seen guys use lexon plate. Just an idea as you could just make one.

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my hook and loop pad never wears out accept one time. I ordered some mirka sanding disks. The ones that look like mesh. They were so good and wore like iron but the hooks would work through the mesh and sand all the little hooks off. They do sell an interim pad in case that happens. But it’s also got hooks so they wear off very fast. Now I still buy a good brand of paper but it’s paper. And I’m sure to line up the holes good. If you don’t the hooks again will wear off quickly where they are exposed.

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How much was the Ryobi replacement? I did the exact same thing you did and wore the hooks away on the pad of my PC333 sander by not using the $2 interface pad w/Abranet abrasive. I like Abranet a lot and am considering the Mirka replacement backup pad w/lots of holes for a 3 screw DW/PC sander: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001BKXWDU/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER
Has anyone made this switch? Is the dust extraction improved enough over the Abranet w/interface and OEM pad to justify the cost?

The pad was about $14, im happy with it. Lets see how long it last. So far so good tho.