Best way to dry baltic birch plywood?


I picked up a sheet of 5/8" Baltic birch today at Lunch time, as well as some oak and poplar for a few upcoming projects. Checked Accuweather before I left, and saw it was only a 7% chance of rain, so I figured I was good to go. I was wrong. The rain came in hard, fast and sideways. I was able to move the truck under a cover, but it wasn’t enough to keep the sideways rain from getting in and soaking the top surface of the Baltic birch. The nice thing about the 5×5 sheets is that it doesn’t sit down in the bed of the truck, so it didn’t get absorbed through the sides too bad, just the top. I figure I can sticker and stack the oak and poplar for awhile, and let it dry back out. Not sure what to do about the Baltic birch. Is it salvageable, or will it warp? Any tricks to getting it to dry flat, and keeping it usable, or do I just suck it up as a loss, and buy another sheet? Never had this happen before.



clamp boards top and bottom always across this will help I have done the same thing


Great tip Jim, yea, that really works well.
On the boards, just think of it as mother natures first grain raising! Lol
Good luck, it won’t be nearly as bad as you think, usually the ends have a protectant on them. Happy Wood Chips!

Steve Tow

Thanks Jim! Did what you said and clamped boards across. Now, I just gotta let it dry out. I appreciate it!

Cool tip

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

thanks we help each other