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I am considering a new shaper for my shop, I can’t really find any videos on this particular shaper (SCM T55W Elite S).
Has anyone have any experience with it, or experience with something similar, the two features I’m most curious about is the tilting spindle and sliding table.

All thoughts will be appreciated.

My thoughts would be to have a look on their website,
Here in Australia its

As for the two questions
A Tilting spindle is on most mid range moulders and allows about 30 Deg from 90 allowing you to use a parallel cutter over the adjustment range.

A Sliding Table is again as above and allows very accurate end grain shaping as an example of one application, but you possibly already know this already as you already have a shaper.

Regards Rob

In short: A SCM is a good made machine

The SCM T55W Elite S in europe is known as Minimax T55W Elite S. The minimax is the lightest range of machines that SCM builds. That does not mean that it is a bad machine. On the contrary I think according to the USA standards it is a very good machine. The most shapers in the USA are made in the far east. SCM is made in Italy and from a high quality.

The sliding table is only worth the money when you do (a lot of) endgrain work. Tenons for example.

The tilting table saves tool purchasing. The tilting spindle on this machine for as far I know goes 45 degree forward. This means that you are limited (very much) in wood thickness!! Backward tilting maybe 5 degree but I,m not sure about it. When you have a lot of long grain wood and for making a deep rebate there are tools with a 5 degree tilted angle compensation. The benefit is less tearout.

I’ve had the sharper up and going for awhile now, I’ve also attached a steff power feeder.
I’ve only used the machine for outside edge profiles for cabinet doors, the sliding and tilt spindle features may come in handy one day.