Stain + Lacquer????


Hi all,

I have an opportunity to do a large number of dress up closets for a local non-profit similar to this:

The only difference is that they would like them stained instead of painted.

Is there a product similar to Minwax Polyshades, that contains both a stain and finish, but that is lacquer based? I haven’t enjoyed using polyurethane in the past because of the long dry time, and the strange attraction bugs seem to have with wet poly…

Thanks, and have a good one!

I like water born products ,quick drying and less fumes. To answer your question I’m not aware of another combination product like polyshades. I would use a dyestain and polycrylics over it.

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I use a spray laquer which has stain in it. It’s from a company call Mohawk (to the trade only). You can also tint brush on laquer with laquer bast stains. Using a finish with stain will dull the grain anyway you do it though. The best way is to stain first than approve finish.


Natural oils can contain color pigments and one can achieve beautiful tinted pieces where the colour is dictated by the sanding grit. The rougher the finish the deeper the colour. This type of finish will also eliminate any issues with “bugs” too as one applies the coating and wipes off any excess. So the colour pigments are trapped into the surface. Any dust or bugs are just wiped off unlike the typical varnish paint type of finish there is nothing for them to stick to. Another advantage with this type of application is that the product is very economical and goes a lot further than layer forming coatings….as well as being sprayable.
By not creating an actual layer, one can usually find it easier to rejuvenate the surface without sanding back. It also maintains the natural feel of timber not a plastic.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I attempted a pigmented lacquer, using lacquer thinner, dye stain, and lacquer, but my attempts were unsuccessful. I ended up with a finish that wasn’t consistent, couldn’t get the mixture right to get the tone wanted, and my cheap HF sprayer kept leaking leaving drips on the test boards. I ended up tossing the idea of using a pigmented lacquer, and used gel stain instead. I just posted the project, and I think it turned out pretty well.

thanks again!