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Hi, I’m new to wood work and I’m currently learning all about wood carving. I have been out and done a little bit of hedgelaying and I my start to wood carving was sparked by a friend offering to teach me how to use a set of chisels I rescued from the bin


Welcome. Most of what I know about carving I learned from YouTube. Look up Izzy Swan and check out his leaf carving video :-)

Thank you, I have been looking at videos on YouTube and I discovered Chris Pye


Basswood I hear is the carvers choice of timber

Regards Rob

Wood carving is an art of its own . I carved one thing in my live , if you go to my creations under my name , you will see a fishing pole handle .


glad to have you aboard , I look forward to you sharing some of your work.

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Thank you for the encouragement. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks so I haven’t really gotten much done, my current project is to fix up an old chicken coop and build a new pen to go with it.


That’s good. Chickens are useful critters. I’ve been moving a 10×4 building that used to be a 9 cage bunny hutch over against the back wall of my workshop. Once the piping and electrical are installed my air compressor and dust collector will be in there to clear more room in my workshop

Aye so they are ? and they have quirky personalities too. Sounds like your workshop will be even more practical than ever. I’m a big fan of using things that I’ve already got, giving them some TLC and transforming them into something useful


Yep, much cheaper to repurpose and refurbish than build new. I’m going to have to replace the doors on the front, and close up some air vents on the back. The hardest part about raising rabbits in Alabama is keeping them cool enough. The current doors are lattice panels, and the back used to be under the eaves of the house, so there’s open vents at the top. It’s good enough for now though

Sounds like a fair bit of work to do to it but I’m sure it’ll be ace when it’s finished ? but like you said it’ll do for now. The phrase that I keep coming out with is make do and mend as that’s what keeps me going at the moment