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Hey everyone,

Wanted to start by saying there are some very creative and inspirational folks on here, thank you for sharing. My wife and I recently moved and are in need of a new queen sized slatted frame for a new bed. Unfortunately this is out of my wheelhouse so I was hoping some of you might know someone local who would be up for it. I really like that idea vs something from a chain. We are in the Twin Cities area. Here is a link to the style we are looking for, in Walnut. walnut storage

Hi T2
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I’ve made that style of bed before but I’m too far away to make it practical to ship.
If a member here can’t help you,you might try a local woodworking club or guild or another website like.
Best of luck.

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Thanks a lot, will look into those. I did sign up at lumber jocks about a week ago and posted but it never wentthrough. Will drop them an inquiry

Well I don’t consider myself a bed maker, but I could possibly help you out depending on your timeline. I would probably make some changes to the one linked. let me know, thanks