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I was asked to build this, but not sure on the finish, what do you think that finish is and what kind of wood would you use? Don’t go to expensive on me.

Greats notes for me there, i appreciate your time on this. I will try and stop by the mill and see if they have cut offs of the some of the lighter wood choices you suggested and show them to the client and see if she pics a look she likes.

Yeah i agree with you on the finish, i am thinking it is no tone just some kind of oil or poly finish. I will test some samples and see what i can come up with.

Again thank you for your input.

Looks like an up market version of mine!

For interest my son is going to use a specaliy paint to make it look like a metal support.

This is the table top 1500 mm x1500 mm

It will receive some specality paint to simulate a concrete top.

Regards Rob