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Does anybody have experience with the ironwood brand jointer?…I’m considering buying one


The short answer is no. A longer answer is that I’ve recently begun evaluating machinery that is otherwise outside the ‘norm’ – that is, Powermatic, Jet, Delta…

I’ve come across the Ironwood, Oliver, Baileigh, … during this search. What I’ve surmised is that there are machinery companies that still spec heavy-duty products. I say spec because the majority of manufacturing is outsourced overseas (not necessarily a bad thing). I recently purchased an Oliver Oscillating Spindle Sander and am very pleased with it.

The Youtube video of the Ironwood jointer mentions a 2-sided carbide insert (cutter) – this seams different from the 4-sided most others have – you may want to check if it’s a standard Byrd assembly (if it’s proprietary, I’d want more information; also, the under-table ribbing is a simple X-pattern… also different from what I normally see.
Stiles Machinery reps for some big names (Altendorf …), so there is something to be said for their supporting the product.

This isn’t much help – it’s all that I can provide.