Spray Finish - 1st time.

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Part of the shop upgrade was re-thinking the worst parts of my current work: the methods-of-work that I don’t like and those I’m simply not good at (these are different animals); also, what elements of my finished projects are not professional-grade. These past months of down-time prompted a lot of thought within these broad categories.

On of the specifics is my finishing technique: evolving from a routine application of some out-of-the-can something through brushing, wipe-on, Mineral Spirit/Finish mixes and ratios; and currently either a Deft Lacquer or waterborne acrylic over an initial sealer. I’m horrible at wipe-on and brush-on top coats: I’ve seen flawless applications by the members, here; and I’m not one of them – I was off throwing rocks the years they taught finishing.

I’m about one week away from applying a finish to a computer desk; and, for this instance I’ll embark on a combination of 2 coats of brush-on, wipe-off SealCoat (a shellac) and spraying the Deft Acrylic (this is a harder finish than the Lacquer, and won’t darken the wood – the Sealcoat will pop the grain, and shield the wood from the waterborne acrylic). I’m comfortable with both the Sealcoat and Deft products – ‘… the fault, dear Brutus, is not within the stars, but within ourselves..’

I’ve purchased the Fuji mini-mite 4P; with a gravity feed gun; and I’ll spray with a 1.3mm tip.

I’d appreciate any and all feedback from the Forum members on thoughts, caveats, and moral support.

Everyone, Do Take Care.