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Mixing 2 part epoxy the right way

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Fish Carving

Danny Cowan — Anyone out there do fish carving?

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Child’s Wagon and/or Toy Barn

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone has ever made a child’s wagon and if you followed a woodworking plan or just built it “on the fly”?

I have a precious 8 month old grandson and I’d love to make him a wagon for Christmas.

I was also wanting to make him a play barn that opens and latches shut to keep the animals inside. I know the animals only come in like 2 scales but I haven’t decided how big I want to make it.

His birthday is in February so I have more time to work on the barn.

Also, has lumber prices skyrocketed everywhere else like it has here? It’s crazy!

Hi Mandy.
Yes I have made both item you ask about.

I also found the furniture and animals were a problem to buy to suit.

Timber well yes agree pity you are so far away a I am selling offf most of my stock at bargain prices which would suit your needs perfectly.

I can help electronicly with templates and items which may enable you to modigy to suit your needs.

regards Robert

-- Regards Rob