Paint removal

Yard sale find a few years ago. Mechanically in good shape. A good lube and it's ready to go.

 I got started removing the paint, then had to put it away for a while. I used a can of spray carburetor cleaner to remove what little paint I did remove. I don't want to spend that much $. I don't want to hurt the OEM paint. I think the silver paint is oil based, probably contains lead. Appears to be painted many years ago.

It's a weird little lathe. 1 speed only. It came with a 4 jaw chuck, faceplate, tapered shaft and a lathe dog.

The previous owner was a jeweler, this sat for many years after he retired. It got a lot of use as a buffer.

Any help with paint removal is greatly appreciated.

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cool old lathe.

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If it's lead paint and you want to take it off use ez peel to remove it.

This stuff?
Looking for ez peel had me looking at shrimp, tape and other stuff. It's okay, mornings are always confusing around here.

You can have my girl but don't touch my hat. Lyle Lovett

Haha yeah that’s the stuff. I have seen that stuff used many times when they abate lead paint