Angled knee brace question

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Good morning, I’m in the process of building a deck and was wondering if I use a knee brace with the angles at 55 and 35, instead of the traditional 45/45 will I sacrifice anything in the way of strength? The reason I ask is that its just high enough that if I added braces sticking out further someone(me) could hit my head. ;-) Thanks for any thoughts.

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I have a lot more carpentry experience than I do woodworking experience, so maybe I can help here. Anything less than 45/45 is going to sacrifice some strength. The question is, can the construction technique survive the difference? What is the intended purpose of the knee braces? What other bracing and supporting structures are there? Can you post a little more info and maybe a pic or drawing of the project? Are you using them to support a cantilever? Shooting from the hip, you’ll probably be fine as long as the braces are well anchored. You could also consider a curved knee brace, depending on length/width of the brace.

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Monty, after doing some internet searching I decided that 45/45 was the way to go. This was for lateral support on my deck. SWMBO said that she wanted them square to match all the rest of the structure. I wanted to create a nicely curved pieces but you know… Thanks for the reply, Pat

If it doesn't spark it doesn't concern me!! Pat