Testing the new Bosch REAXX jobsite saw

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I bought the new Bosch REAXX jobsite saw in July 2016. This is a great table saw for a woodworker who wants a high quality, powerful and accurate table saw but does not have the need or room for a larger cabinet , hybrid or contractor type table saw. If you work in a small basement shop or in your garage you will appreciate the small footprint and mobility of the saw.

The REAXX table saw includes flesh sensing technology (Bosch calls it Active Response Technology). When the saw detects flesh contact (ie your finger) the Active Response Technology fires a replaceable cartridge and the UNDAMAGED blade drops below the table and spins safely to a stop.

I had the opportunity to test the saw at my local woodworkers club. If you want to see the saw in action you can watch the You Tube video here.

Even though I have been woodworking and using a table saw for over thirty years without incident, as a retired safety professional, I wanted a table saw with flesh sensing technology. No doubt the saw is significantly more expensive than a conventional table saw. To me, when considered over the life of the saw the extra cost represents inexpensive finger insurance.

You can read more about my thoughts on the Bosch REAXX Jobsite saw in the Nov 2106 edition of Popular Woodworking magazine.

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