Scott Enloe Interview - The Business of Woodworking

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In this video, Scott Enloe, a woodwright from Great Falls, Montana, gives some insight into his business and shares with us some good advice on the business of woodworking.

You can see Scott’s gallery of work at He does some pretty nice work building everything from fine furniture to strip canoes that have been featured in Playboy Magazine. Bet I got your attention now, don’t I?

Strip Canoe…Playboy…it’s just too funny but true:)

OK, let’s stay focused here.

Scott has achieved a high level of craftsmanship in his work and is recognized by the Montana Circle of American Masters.

When you check out Scott’s site be sure to drop him a line and say “Thanks” for taking the time to share with us about his woodworking business and giving insightful advice. I had never met Scott until I introduced myself at SummerFair and asked for an interview. He is a really great guy, and shared freely simply because I asked.

So let’s get on with it! I hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful.

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Thanks for stopping by guys and glad you have been enjoying them.

I hope to get the next one out by the weekend. It is full of good information too.

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