I've had a long time interest in woodworking, but little time. I try to prioritize my life; Christ first, family, country, and finally some personal time with what funds are left over. I'm finally getting setup with some basic second hand tools, including an older used Craftsman 113 series table saw and used 12" Craftman band saw. New is a word rarely used in my workshop.

The current shop is pretty simple. I have about a 12' x 12' room in my basement that was my general workshop for all house repair functions that I have reworked into a woodworking area. It contains a single 110v two-plug outlet, so I swap machines as necessary. I'll be installing two more circuits, and plan to have one of them be 220.

I have a craftsman 113 table saw that I refurbished to the point where it cuts quite well on anything 2" or less. I haven't had the opportunity to try any thicker hardwoods. I also have a 113 series band saw. I hope to get a 1/2" blade eventually to try small resawing projects, simply because I think it would be cool to saw my own boards, even if they are only a few inches wide. I've got two routers, both given to me and both Craftsman single speed. One is mounted on a router table that I bought second hand, as well as a few other tools. I am really enjoying hand planes, as they are very effective and enjoyable to use.