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Jan 2015


northern illinois

although I worked in the trades for years, doing a wide variety of jobs from the usual labor to rough framing to tuck pointing to .... well you get the idea, I hadn't ever really done or even tried what I call "Fine Carpentry". Mostly didn't have the time or the extra money as I started my family too early. Well along the way I failed to use enough protective gear and my lungs decided to make me pay for that bad choice. Well now I have plenty of time for woodworking and have discovered that I actually find great joy and often times even an unmatched level of peace from it.

-- Roy

The reasons why I do it.... - Woodworking Project by Roy

The reasons why I do it....

Just thought I’d share a pic of one of my grandsons enjoying his Christmas from Papa. I tell you...

Wooden Toy Car - Woodworking Project by Roy

Wooden Toy Car

first prototype of one of the many different wooden toys I’m making to give as gifts to my...

"Love" shelf - Woodworking Project by Roy

"Love" shelf

Here is one of the styles of “Love” shelf that I make. Made a few different ones to use as...

Toy box for grandson - Woodworking Project by Roy

Toy box for grandson

Made this for one of my grandsons for his 2nd birthday. 99% recycled materials, mostly pallet...