Woodworking Awards - Winter 2022 - are open for votes
Well, I’m back. Sorry for the brief sabbatical but I’ve been out of town and upon my return I have been completely covered up with work. I’m certain this affects the lives of so many as I’m sure I have an absorbent amount of people just hanging on eve
For a long time there has been a rift in the woodworking world. With technology ever increasing that rift will only grow I’m sure. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the hand tools vs. power tools divide and with new technology on the way
Years. That’s how long it’s taken to find “my design style”. It’s a tougher concept to come up with than you might think. It’s not to say I only build in a certain style and that’s it, but when it comes to designing and building a product that’s the w
Many moons ago I had a job foreman tell me “build it like it was your own”. It may not seem like much but it spoke to his integrity and he was in essence telling me to hold on to mine. See he did what he told me to do. Everyday he went out there and m
What a horrible picture! I’m sure that’s the first thought as you start this blog. I’m sure it was followed by things like: did he use a flip phone or is he blind? While I’m certain I’m not blind I’m a little uncertain as to what this picture was take
My name is John Cobb. I’ve been in the wood industry for over 17 years. I got started right out of high school with my Uncles company. There I started building houses and so began my love for building. I remember my Mom telling me how I would take thi