I have always loved working with wood, now that I am semi retired I am spending more time in my wood shop hoping to make some extra spending money and also enjoy what I love doing.
I have done quite a few projects here in my home, I made a pantry for my kitchen, remodeled my kitchen cabinets and remodeled my porch and made it into an office.
My wife loves chili peppers and she has a lot of chili pepper dishes, glasses and nick knacks. A few years back I made a cabinet for some of her favorite pieces, it is pictured here on my page. Also made her a spice rack.
I have been taking apart an old barn which has been standing on my property for at least 120 years and reclaiming the best pieces of wood. Actually I figured since my attempts at keeping it standing have not been successful, I would go ahead and tear it down. With some of the wood I have reclaimed I am now making a hutch, I will upload a picture of it to my page,very soon. I am pretty excited and wish I had more hours in the day to create all the pieces roaming around in my head.