The Chinaberry was gifted to me, already cut and stacked. The way I understand it is that the berries are toxic, as in death possible, if ingested. It is a non-native and considered invasive. Chinaberry is a member of the mahogany family and is a perennial. More information here and also HERE.

As far as realigning the log on the sled, I have lines drawn 1in apart all across the base. Do understand that when you put a log on the sled you will NOT necessarily put it in parallel fashion, especially if it contains a crotch. That said, you then advance each side 1in at a time accordingly (or 2in if that is what you want).

I always throw away that last piece attached to the sled if it is 2in or less. Remember, I use 2in screws through 3/4in ply to attach the log to the sled, and I don’t want to sacrifice a $30-$50 blade trying to squeak out “just one more piece”.