Your set-up looks excellent. Since I don’t have a jointer either, I’ve used various methods in the past for straightening boards. At one point I just screwed my board to a 8’ long laminated shelf. Since then I concocted this to use on the table saw.

It’s over 9 feet long and only used for materials longer than 4’. I have a set of straight-edge clamps (2’, 3’, 4’) I use for shorter materials. The L-piece of metal cost me $14.86 at a local “junk” yard (for lack of a better description of the place). I only used 4 hold-down clamps from Harbor Freight (at half price) so I don’t have too much money in it and it works quite well. I like the fact that it’s only about an eighth-inch thick which means I don’t have to raise the blade very high.


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