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Jill of all trades . . . master of none
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I’m a Little (old) Left-handed Lady who Loves the Lord, Lumber, (and aLliterations). I’m a re-tired (that means tired all over again) advertising manager who has been playing with wood for about 45 years.

I’m practical and frugal, with a workshop of CHEAP tools. I enjoy making furniture and built-ins on which we would never otherwise splurge. I make the simple ones with straight lines. My husband makes the gorgeous ones with curves, carving, and details (which usually end up as gifts). As I noted from another woodworker signature "I’m not good, but I’m slow" which, with my list of woodworking projects, should keep me busy another 50 years.

I enjoy just about any activity that results in an end product and engages both mind and body -- woodworking, furniture refinishing, upholstery, crocheting, knitting, tatting, needlework, macrame . . . and the list goes on. And I love fishing . . . when the end product is fish to eat! (I don't fish to "catch and release." I can waste enough valuable time without entertaining myself needlessly.)

And I enjoy learning new things; that's why I enjoy this website.


"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

-- “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

Oak Laundry Cabinets - Woodworking Project by Lightweightladylefty

Oak Laundry Cabinets

I can check another project off my to-do list! These oak cabinets are installed above the washer...

Morris chair restoration - Woodworking Project by Lightweightladylefty

Morris chair restoration

After completing my bathroom vanity and cabinet, I decided to work on a simple, quick project....

Bathroom Wall Cabinet - Woodworking Project by Lightweightladylefty

Bathroom Wall Cabinet

After completing our bathroom vanity earlier this year, I made a wall cabinet to match. I...

Nightstand for Dad (101) - Woodworking Project by Lightweightladylefty

Nightstand for Dad (101)

Dad needed a small nightstand for his clock and the control to the heated mattress pad. The chest...

Bathroom vanity - Woodworking Project by Lightweightladylefty

Bathroom vanity

This is another project that has taken years to complete. Like most of my projects, they are in...

My first end-grain cutting board - Woodworking Project by Lightweightladylefty

My first end-grain cutting board

I made this end-grain cutting board as a wedding gift. It is approximately 13” x 18½” x 1¼”. The...

RECALLS #20: Children’s Tool Kits Recalled by Grizzly Industrial

Just in case you bought your child one of these cute tool kits for Christmas . . . Children’s Tool Kits Recalled by Grizzly Industrial Due to Violation of Federal Lead Content Ban and Toy Safety Requirements: Recall Date: March 19, 2020...

Morris chair restoration #5: Assembly: I might be considered square, but this chair certainly wasn’t.

Absolutely nothing was even close to square. The left side of the front rail was ¼” taller than the right side. The legs (front and back) were not square to the frame. You can see that the cushion frame is crooked as it attaches to the...

Morris chair restoration #4: The seat cushion

The seat cushion was really delightful. A couple of separate foam cushions had been added to the chair to make it usable when I was a child, but this is how it looked now. It’s hard to imagine anyone could sit on this with the padding...

Morris chair restoration #3: The back cushion

I removed the mid-20th-century gray marble vinyl to reveal more of the chair’s history. The top cushion’s original upholstery which was under the gray marble vinyl appeared to be an early attempt at Naugahyde – almost like a painted coating...


All these framing nailers live a pretty rough life on the construction site and get dragged through the dirt and beat up and abused ..
Maintenance of these tools by the operator is almost never done and its a good day when the tool sees a drop of oil ,it’s all about speed and getting the job done not like in the old days when tools were taken care of and treated with respect .
.I have seen and heard of many injuries involving air nailers and feel that most of them are caused by the operator .
I have seen nailers where the safety has been made inoperative to speed up the process and seen nailers with the safety bent or stuck open because of dirt in the mechanism .
I dont know the exact reason for the recall but have a pretty good idea and I am glad to see it getting repaired and it will hopefully prevent some injuries .
*Before operating any tool read the safety manual it is important and maintain the tool .

Great job keeping us informed of woodworking tool recalls. Keep up the great work.

-- CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

My name is Rich. I too live in central Wisconsin. I am really interested in your horizontal router table. Has it worked out well. Have you ever loaded plans for it? It looks great. If you have plans I’m interested. I just became a member of wood working web today.

The bowl with the grapes is about 7 inches in diameter.

-- jbschutz