Monty, I used 4 pieces of 3/4×1 stock to make 4 runners for the drawer. Because the aprons are thinner (3/4 approx) than the legs (1-1/8×1-1/8) that gives a 3/16" approx. need for a little strip that sits on the bottom drawer runners and glues to the apron, making a straight shot from the leg to the back leg. This holds the bottom side of the drawer (reduces lateral movement). The reveal or the space around the front drawer piece (cherry) is between 1/32 and 1/16. This is really up to you. The runners are all glued. The front rails are joined to the legs. The top rail is dovetailed. The bottom rail is a 3/8 × 3/4 tenon. The drawer runners are just glued. E.g the drawer is made separate from the table and with every build I’ve had to “fit” the drawer. I’ve learned a lot from this little table. I can send you the PDF I’ve used with the drawing and piece dimensions. Let me know.

David L. Whitehurst