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May 2014

I've been in the software business for about 29 years. I've been making things since I was a kid. My father built sport-fishing boats. I also worked for Newport News Shipbuilding in the submarine engineering program for 15 years. I've been making some furniture lately since my father gave me all of his shop tools since he's retired.

-- David L. Whitehurst

My Heirloom Toolbox - Woodworking Project by David L. Whitehurst

My Heirloom Toolbox

This is my latest creation. It’s a toolbox specifically for my woodworking hand tools. It has a...

Light Box - Woodworking Project by David L. Whitehurst

Light Box

I wanted to post this light box. I’m getting ready to make another of these for my mother in law...

Paul Sellers Bench - Woodworking Project by David L. Whitehurst

Paul Sellers Bench

I wanted to post my woodworking bench. I built this in February, 2014. I’m building a toolbox...

Little Shaker Table - Fully tapered Legs Cherry - Woodworking Project by David L. Whitehurst

Little Shaker Table - Fully tapered Legs Cherry

This table design is called “Harvey’s End Table”. I’ve done 3 of these but this was the official...

Hand Tools #1: Flea Market Acquisitions

Today, I did good. I found a Millers-Falls Brace almost brand-new and a little hand-crank drill. I also found three tiny carving tools from E.C. Muller in Nevada. My final treasure finds were a 9" Starrett machinist’s scale and a Goodell Pratt...

Toolbox #5: Saw Hangers for Flip-Top

I needed something that would hold the saws in place in the flip-top and be easy to remove. I also am doing everything I can not to use screws or nails. I will use screws for the side handles and hinges but that’s it. The hangers are...

Toolbox #4: Drawers

I made my drawers for my toolbox this weekend. I was going to use half-blind dovetails on the fronts but I decided more for practicality and strength. I made my drawers with finger joints all around just like my trays. I did use cherry for...

Toolbox #3: Sliding Trays

I learned a valuable lesson tonight. I learned how to quickly make a sliding tray with finger joints and a floating poplar bottom to the wrong dimensions. (LOL). It was 14" long instead of 14-3/4" long. Anyhow, I hand-cut a 5/4 board long...

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Glad to make your acquaintance David. I’m Looking forward to seeing more of you projects . The ones you posted look really well done. I also like your Paul Sellers workbench a lot.

I’m thinking that North Carolina must be the ideal place for a woodworker. I was in the furniture business in another life long ago in California and most of our better quality case goods were produced in NC.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway