re: Preliminary ideas

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What do you use your miter saw for?
I have one and I used it to cut lumber to rough dimensions before I take it to the table saw.
Now I do that with a cheap circular saw. It is still in my shop but I am seriously thinking to store it in one of the garden shed outside so I can free up valuable space.
Yes I used it for trims, molding when I did some work on the house. I also used it when I build a pergola.

I have the same pitch like you have. I suspect a lot of houses have that . It helps when the water heater leaks (yes I learned that).
I still put everything on wheel. when I am done for the day everything goes against the walls.
My wife like to park inside (2 car garage).
The only level I ever have to worry about is the infeed and outfeed table for the table say.
I simple make the out feed table part of the table saw and foldable.
The infeed, I rarely use one. When I do I pull 2 rollers.

I am not criticizing what you plan to do but just throwing some ideas at you. You know your space better than anyone else.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA