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Apr 2014


Castro Valley, California

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Thumbling Blocks - Woodworking Project by lanwater

Thumbling Blocks

This cutting board was my second try at cutting boards. This board was a little more challenging....

Drunken Board - Woodworking Project by lanwater

Drunken Board

Since it’s cutting board month on WWW, I decided to post some of mine. This cutting board was my...

Buffet - Woodworking Project by lanwater


My woodworking teacher, Jim Vice, invited few students to take his buffet class. It was an...

Easy Plaid Box - Woodworking Project by lanwater

Easy Plaid Box

Easy as in Easy Miter that is. This is a project I did in 2014. One of my favorite. You may have...

Veneer Box - Woodworking Project by lanwater

Veneer Box

I Wanted to make a coffee table that required veneering. Since I have never worked with veneer,...

Office BookCase - Woodworking Project by lanwater

Office BookCase

This is an old project I posted somewhere else. I built this bookcase over few weekends during...

Buffet Build Pictures

This is not a step by step blog but just a bunch of picture for my buffet build. I did not systematically take pictures to have a complete blog write up. Legs Build: The Carcase Veneering...

Coffe Table #6: Installing the 1/8 Ply

In the 5th installment of this blog I glued up the 1/4 inch Ply. Now it’s time to install the 1/8 ply. I finally found a local source for bendy Ply. The call it wobbly ply. They have 1/8 and 3/8 only. I picked up a couple and rolled them up...

Coffe Table #5: Covering the rib cage with 1/4 " plywood

In my last blog on the coffee table, I had the rib cage all glued up. Right after that was done I moved to install the 1/4 inch plywood. This blog is about that (1 month late) I used titebond III (the bottle is an empty re-filled) and 1"...

Learning veneer #8: Veneer Box Top

The top, I thought should be better that the rest. I decided to attempt a compass star; I think that’s what it’s called. I took my last piece of 1/2 ply and divided it in quadrant which were further divided in halves and so on to serve as...


Thanks Abbas . Best wishes !

Ty so much! Appreciated.