re: Preliminary ideas

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I’m more or less just rambling some ideas out at the moment. The whole reason to post my ramblings is because someone here is sure to have a better idea that would be helpful to me. Obviously I’m in the very beginning stage of this. I don’t even have a design yet. :-)

I would like to use the mitre saw for much more than it gets used for now. I bought it just for moldings in the house and I wasn’t expecting it to be useful for much beyond that but I find myself setting it up and tearing it down a lot more than I’d like and it would be really nice to have a work station for it. It’s also too big to store anywhere except the floor at the moment so it’s in the way when I’m not using it.

The other thing is my bench. This is my first ever workshop and when I moved in I took a bunch of 2×4s that were demoed from the house and laminated them together to make a butcher block style bench top and mounted it onto a bookcase that was left in the garage. I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread because it’s reinforced and tied to the wall. You can beat it with a sledgehammer. But for woodworking it’s kind of useless because it’s too tall and narrow. I’d like to rebuild it to make it more useful.

So the basic concept of my layout is to have one continuous work bench/infeed/outfeed table with stationary tool layout and storage so I can free up as much floor space as possible. One good thing is that my wife has completely given up the idea of ever parking there. :-)

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