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Swords - Woodworking Project by Brian


I made a couple of swords for me and my 6 year old, Sir Galahad. His made from pine (Janka...

Corona Mask - Needleworking Project by Brian

Corona Mask

I did a lot of research and made a couple of prototypes. This mask is easy to make, washable and...

Little woodworker bench - Woodworking Project by Brian

Little woodworker bench

While I was at harbor freight the other day buying giant screwdrivers to turn into turning...

Hollowing chisel - DIY - Woodworking Project by Brian

Hollowing chisel - DIY

I recently made a little pencil holder vase as a Christmas present, but I had so many problems...

Christmas presents - Woodworking Project by Brian

Christmas presents

Its been a while since I posted. Haven’t been doing a lot of woodworking, but I’m keeping the...

Cigarette smoosher - Woodworking Project by Brian

Cigarette smoosher

Many of you know I’ve made a few wooden cigarette boxes to carry the reservation smoke I buy that...

Mitre clamp

I live in a split level house where a portion has a basement and a portion is slab on grade. The slab part has a foundation wall about 30" above the floor. This part forms a shelf along the wall about 3-1/2" deep which is now only covered with...

Garden Gates #2: Gate finished

Except for painting the raw steel. The straps are set on a dado flush with the surface and the screws are countersunk. The screws are not stainless. I hope they survive. They should do ok painted with oil enamel paint. The hinges are on with...

Gate assembled

I finally got the upper panel pieces made and the gate assembled. My m&t fitting is a little sloppy. I haven’t picked the door up yet to see how stiff it is. I was thinking about adding some steel strapping for looks and a touch more support....

Garden Gates #1: Getting started

I took a break from work sleep fish work sleep fish to start building new garden gates for my house. I was only planning to replace the ratty PVC gate that came with the property but my wife wants a gate on each side of the house. Each gate will...


Brian, thanks for the comments on the spalted box. The clasp basically works—stays closed—via friction. I have the wood snugged together pretty good but still, to the point where it opens easily. Thanks again.

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thank for the comments

-- jim

how u doing Brian u coming up with something new

-- jim

Working on it. Need some nice weather so I can open the garage door.

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Brian , just checked out all your projects . You have some really original ideas . You do amazing work . Keep the chips flying

-- Wheaties


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