" I strongly believe that these kids need guidance in 1) work ethic 2) craftsmanship and 3) service philosophy"

I agree with your statement. I like your attitude and what plan to do.
While in college I agree to tutor “troubled” kids that where failing behind in school because there was no guidance. I tutor in math, and sciences mainly. most of them made to college thanks to the dedication of a widow who transformed her house in an after school homework help place.

I do believe in college education. Time are changing. now a scanner go through your resume looking for key words before you get an interview. Sure there are plenty of people getting good jobs without a 4 year degree but the salary difference is evident in many cases.

For those kids who can’t make it to college for various reason, money most of the time, an apprentice program is great and I admire you for wanting to do that.

my dad too is no longer able to go down to his shop. Last summer he wanted to give me his tools. That was the most difficult thing I faced. I literarily choked. Of course I accepted, those are treasures. I left them in my parents house until I have the courage to move them.

I wish the best and hope you succeed in this journey.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA