Huff, I’m reading your blog post and YES, I’m not pricing correctly. I wanted to make the little shaker table first as a prototype in pine and I did. It was gorgeous! And, I had all these ends of 2×4′s that I used to make a Paul Sellers bench. So material was no issue. And, I was learning. Then I got a request to do one for a friend that I’ve known since elementary school and rode my bus. I convinced her to do one in walnut. I quoted her $100 + cost of the walnut (estimated $30). I got $45 in walnut and I’ve since delivered the table to Virginia and she wants a second. I told her $100 + material (we’ll do the $30 again). So $260 for 2 beautiful walnut tables. I did the cherry one using wood from a friend’s family’s farm supposedly the tree was there in late 1600’s. It was full of worm holes but still turned out beautiful. It was $100 and she gave me the wood. I think I should have charged about $450 a piece for the tables. Look at my creation and tell me what you think.

David L. Whitehurst