re: Wall French Cleat

Jeff Vandenberg
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Well thank you for the fathers day wish. Back to you too.
Well I have plans to making some hanging systems for spring clamps that will sit under or you could say behind the bars of the 36" clamps. I can move the bars left or right without knocking them off. I glad I made slots to fit the bars. See this way no space is wasted. I also will be making racks that hold 7 clamps to fit in odd spaces. However im going to make a charging station right around the outlet. I want to fill this wall with all different clamps. Oh im not done. I still have a whole table full that I need to make racks for. What you see in these pictures is a third of what I have. Lol lol lol I LOVE CLAMPS.
I also will be putting a plywood shelf above and a 5’ tall 15.50" wide 15" deep cabinet to the right. This cabinet is for my med kit, apron, carpenter tool belt etc. I then will hang a white board on the side to keep a better track of jobs & due dates. Ill be posting pictures after I get more done.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"