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I feel for you Rennners. 15 years ago I was offered the job as production manager at one of the largest sail lofts in the US. Only problem was that the loft was in Connecticut. I live in Houston Texas. That turned out to be a 4-6 hrs. commute each way every two weeks. We thought it would work because my wife was going to retire from the aero-space industry with-in the year.
I took the job because I had always wanted to have the experience of making the larges sails in the world, and also for the money.
As plans go, things change. My son from a previous marriage, now living with us, went pear shaped during his final year in high school and my wife was not given the chance for early retirement. But I did get the chance to build the largest sails in the world.
I lasted 8 months.
Once back, I got my son unpear-shaped and all was good. I had to take a lesser paying job for a while, in the wood working industry, learning to use the CNC machines, similar to the sail cutting machines.
You do not have an easy choice. But only the best of luck to you, my friend.


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