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Houston Texas via Denmark.

I am a retired sailmaker. Came to the US via a sailboat in 1980. Got married and remarried and I am now living in Houston Texas.

-- Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.


Madts — All: I will be moving from a city of 4.000.000 Houston, to a town of 4.000...


Pictures inserted in Creations.

Madts — We used to be able to post 5 pics while in the Creations command. Now only...

An Ethical question

Madts — I have a lady friend that likes to do woodworking. As she does not have many...


Madts — Sure is nice to be back online. —Madts.

Shop time.

Madts — Living in Houston TX. I find myself using a lot of time on tools. High...

Found wood.

Madts — I have a friend that lives in south Texas and he has a farm. His farm has...


Congratulations on Member of the Week. You deserve it and glad to be a part of your group on this site.

-- Jamesw