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Houston Texas via Denmark.

I am a retired sailmaker. Came to the US via a sailboat in 1980. Got married and remarried and I am now living in Houston Texas.

-- Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

New style Bench Dog - Woodworking Project by Madts

New style Bench Dog

I have a solid core door as my workbench top, and trying to use reg. dogs is a pain. See pic 3. I...

Compass (My way) - Woodworking Project by Madts

Compass (My way)

This is my first attempt in making a wooden compass. It took me some time, which I for some...

Wok tools. - Woodworking Project by Madts

Wok tools.

Since I am bored, and I just bought a new steel wok. I thought that I would make some new tools...

Folding trivets - Woodworking Project by Madts

Folding trivets

I have been making these guys for quite a while now, and thought it was time to post. These have...

Cutting board for Danish niece - Woodworking Project by Madts

Cutting board for Danish niece

This is a cutting board made from Walnut and Maple. This is made for my niece living in Denmark....

Plant press. - Woodworking Project by Madts

Plant press.

This is a plant press that I made for my Granddaughter a year ago. She was not too interested in...

Folding tivets

Yesterday I posted Folding trivets. These have been posted before on other sites, so I can not take credit for them. In this blog I will show you how I make them. First off I start with 2 pieces 8″ × 3/4" X 1/4" and one center piece 8" x 3/4″...

Bed side table

Not too long ago I made a pair of tables for a bedroom upstairs. Last week I wanted to post it as a creation. That I did yesterday. The reason for the delay, is that the table and I could not agree on the speed we should go down the stairs. ...

Viking clamps.

I was in Denmark for 14 days in Oct. for my sons Masters graduation. During that time I took time out to visit Mads. His shop is like a museum. There is stuff everywhere, some of it old, some of it new, but made from old ideas. I have made...

My work bench #4: New (old) vice.

The other day I was asked by my wife to take some stuff to her church sale. i did as asked. When I got there somebody had left this thing at the door. I snagged it. The vice is a Colombian D44. It also swivels. Nice vice. When I got home I...


Hey there.

-- Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com

Congratulations on Member of the Week. You deserve it and glad to be a part of your group on this site.

-- Jamesw