re: Planning layout

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My biggest compromise is the ceiling height. At 7’ not including the garage door which takes another 6 inches or so when it’s open , there’s no room for anything overhead. Practically every garage storage “solution” I see in the family handyman and elsewhere puts shelves and cabinets overhead STARTING at 8’ high. LOL that stuff is definitely a no go.

I’ve already packed the walls with clamp racks, tool holders, jigs and all the usual suspects. All that is already above the sheet good storage, which is basically just leaning against the wall. But at least it’s only 4 feet high. I actually already have a shelf above it to store long cutoffs. Also the lumber storage area has all kinds of stuff: long scraps, some leftover metal studs, etc. Not just lumber. And above is another shelf with all kinds of junk. LOL I’m kind of a hoarder.

Also not shown is the bandsaw which will stay on casters.

As to the CMS, it’s not a slider. Part of the reason to fix everything level and at the same elevation is so the mitre saw won’t be in the way.

The only thing I haven’t figured out is where to put the garbage can. LOL.

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