re: Planning layout

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some thoughts based on my own experience and needs. I am sure yours will be different.

My biggest problem is finding space for a midi lathe and clamps shelves/hanger.
I never turned but I have that itch every time I see those wonderful turning.

I would move the table saw forward to where the flip top is and put it where the table saw is.
You will gain an extra 34" in addition to the 36" you have from the wall. That will get you 70" a little under the height of a book shelf sides. Seriously you will have the ability to rip longer pieces.

I would want my bench accessible from both side especially during glue up and clamping. I would put caster on it so I can pull it away from the wall.

I don’t see any space for you dust collector and potential jointer. If you don’t have them yet, I am sure they will come and the bench top jointer is not going to cut it.
I started jointing on the router with a fence that is off to act like a jointer. It works great for small pieces for longer boards a jointer is a life saver. You can have a moveable base for both the dust collector and the jointer.

As to off cut bin, I still have to put it in the right place. It always seem to be in the way. Good thing it’s on caster as it is full and heavy.

I buy the plywood per projects. I usually have them rough cut it in pieces at the store about 1" longer to account for all the splinter their crappy saw blade cause.
That help me in moving them around and also require less storage space.

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