Now that’s what I call working with curves! That 3rd picture makes me want to own a sailboat.

Not that I know how to sail or even want to learn, but it sure would make the neighbors envious if it was tied to my dock! I love all the wood!


I took a look at all your pictures and you do awesome work. You really need a nice web-site to show case your work for everyone around the world to see. I too wish I had taken better pictures on most of my projects.

I try to advise woodworkers that are just getting started in business to take the time to take really good quality pictures of their work. Not with a phone camera, but a really good digital camera. They’ll be glad they did later on down the road.


My contemporary chest that looks like a band saw box was a real challenge to put slide in. The entire cavity of both openings where curves, so it was a real job to make brackets that would hold the slides straight and vertical and be strong enough to hold the weight of the combined drawers. If finally worked out well and the Blum undermount slides work smooth as silk.


I think one of the reasons I like doing curves is I had a hard time cutting a straight line! LOL
Curves gave me an excuse.

John @The Hufford Furniture Group