re: Cherry table

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Thanks for the tip about the mineral spirits. That, along with wiping away the squeeze out, should solve the glue problem. The more I look at the top, the more I think it’s the wipe on poly that’s blotchy. If you look at the picture of the table top, you can see it. I’m wondering if I didn’t keep enough on the rag. I have some scraps in the shop so I think I’ll experiment and practice some. If I can figure out exactly what went wrong, I’ll sand down the top and try again.
Overall, I’m tickled pink with how the table came out structurally. There were a lot of firsts for me such as mortise and tenon joinery, gluing up the panel for the table top, using a hand plane to curve the drawer front and table top, wooden drawer runners, guides and kickers, and tapering the legs. I tried hand cut dovetails previously during the sewing box project and failed miserably, but this time they are functional enough for a drawer.

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