I built this case while I had my shop when we were doing commercial work.
(The shop built all of the other built-in displays you see in the background.)

This cash counter was covered in pre-finished veneer with a laminate backing, but never the less it was interesting to build.
It had a lot of different techniques and challenges.
The front is not only curved but a compound curve.
The top Frame is clad in aluminum stainless “Chemetal”
The front glass panel is cold formed plexiglass that sat in a routed channel.
The top is glass, ordered from a glass shop (I supplied them with a template)
I used stainless stand offs to hold the Top frame above the case.
The kicks around the bottom were done in the same aluminum stainless.
Then to top it all off we loaded the whole job into trucks and took them to Scottsdale, AZ and did the install..

I wish I had better pictures, sorry