re: Legs Cleanup

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HAHA! I know what you mean Ian. I would have chickened out with the jointer method! I’m glad it worked out for you though. I can also understand the reasoning for not using the TS. That is a hell of a lot of weight to control without adequate infeed and outfeed support. I could only imagine what a blade jam would be like if the saw didn’t have the power to overcome it. I don’t see why staggering the laminate wouldn’t work, but it’s not like I have a lot of experience at this stuff LOL. As far as where I was when you needed help…I was probably outside cooking on the grill and didn’t hear the phone ring ;)
Hey, if I don’t understand why or how someone did something, I’m going to ask. I was trying to picture how I would do the same thing with what I have. Funny thing is, now that I have had some time to consider it, I would have used the circular saw and a fence to cut the laminates, flipping the board to get all the way through.They wouldn’t have been pretty, but the planer would have taken care of that.
The important thing is, the legs are done, you learned something, taught something, and still have all your fingers!

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