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Thanks …

It’s hard to tell from the pictures – the back upright slats are tapered at 6 degrees, top to bottom – this was my first integral M&T project, and it had me sweating bullets during the build. All joints are epoxy (West Systems) glued; some of the tenons are pegged, as well.

Lanwater: Jatoba’s (8/4) is about $9/bf in Annapolis – the alternatives were Teak ($22/bf) and White Oak, which neither of us wanted.

Brian: my better-half wanted it unfinished, so it is. The bench has a less pronounced redish-brown (natural) color, giving way to a bit of gray – but still close to the original. I live on the Chesapeake Bay – the winds, rain, snow, and hot summer sun wreak havoc on anything outside; so I’ve very pleased with the way this has held-up.

The design is a purchased plan from Fine Woodworking; so I won’t take any credit for originality. The Jatoba machines well, is super heavy, a bit brittle, and will quickly dull any cutter not carbide.