Outdoor Bench

Outdoor Bench
Outdoor Bench
Outdoor Bench

This is something I completed last year, along with an accompanying outdoor coffee table. The design is adapted from Fine Woodworking. For some reason, recently I’ve received some inquiries from LJs – I guess woodworkers looking for non-pressure-treated outdoor furniture; so, I’ll post it here, as well: I’ve refrained from doubling-up, so to speak..

The bench is made with Jatoba (a very hard wood, ideal for exterior applications), and is wholly mortise & tenon – about 35 in-all. The M&T are both integral and floating tenons.

This is an excellent project for anyone looking to build an outdoor bench which can withstand the elements, elegantly.


Another stunner. Its a fantastic design, and that wood is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

That’s a great looking bench and looks like it’s built to stay around for a long long time. Very Nice! (clean woodworking)

That is a beautiful bench MJCD.

I haven been wanting to build one for a long time. I saw this design few times.

Few months ago, I went out to get some lunch and saw the bench below by the restaurant.

Jatoba was at $7/bf how much do you pay for yours in your area?

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Very nicely crafted MJCD and it’s a great design too. Jatoba was the perfect wood for this project.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Beautiful. How is it finished and is the color holding up?

Losing fingers since 1969

Thanks …

It’s hard to tell from the pictures – the back upright slats are tapered at 6 degrees, top to bottom – this was my first integral M&T project, and it had me sweating bullets during the build. All joints are epoxy (West Systems) glued; some of the tenons are pegged, as well.

Lanwater: Jatoba’s (8/4) is about $9/bf in Annapolis – the alternatives were Teak ($22/bf) and White Oak, which neither of us wanted.

Brian: my better-half wanted it unfinished, so it is. The bench has a less pronounced redish-brown (natural) color, giving way to a bit of gray – but still close to the original. I live on the Chesapeake Bay – the winds, rain, snow, and hot summer sun wreak havoc on anything outside; so I’ve very pleased with the way this has held-up.

The design is a purchased plan from Fine Woodworking; so I won’t take any credit for originality. The Jatoba machines well, is super heavy, a bit brittle, and will quickly dull any cutter not carbide.

That’s an awesome looking bench. You did a fine job on it!

Where are the band-aids?---Pro Libertate!

That has survived well without any finish! Great looking bench, I remember seeing it in FWW and putting it on my “future projects” list

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

A very good build,nice work and super results.

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