re: table saw rewire

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Thanks. I installed the 18 awg and knew it was too small. But it was just a short link between the table saw switch and the outlet 12" away. I knew what I was getting into. Originally it was just for the vacuum. The problem is that it became obsolete after I discovered how dang useful that outlet is. I started plugging in larger equipment to it. I always knew I had to change it but I wasn’t worried about fire because the only place for it to burn, realistically, was inside the switch housing which is exactly where it occurred.

What caught me off guard was the extension cord receptacle getting fused to the power cord plug. There was a real chance of something bad happening there. It was one of those “heavy duty” ones for air conditioners. All is good now. I replaced every wire except for the one that connects the motor to the switch. I figure it’s original equipment and already rated for its maximum current draw.

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