Paul I think maybe I actually used too much water. I measured out the original water and then added more. Salt might be a culprit too.

Klaus What problem are you having with the hot hide glue?

Abbas I didn’t clamp the mitered rim on my little marquetry box, just used rub joints holding them together after rubbing for about 1 minute each and it’s a very strong. Earlier when I started with Hot hide glue on Paul’s advice I tested with some wood scraps using rub joints on those, and after sitting for a few minutes I broke the joints and it was the wood that fractured, not the glue line. I was pretty amazed. HHG is really easy to use, but the glue should be at the right viscosity (not difficult) and it’s a good idea to play with it a little to get some experience. I have hardly used it up to now, but with what little experience I have I am completely sold on it’s bond strength, setting time and ease of use. I also like that it is easy to reverse to fix a slipped or damaged joint or whatever, especially in the first two days when the glue is not fully cured, but also after a hundred years. You just need to apply some heat and moisture. I’m not sure of the best ways to do that, but I’m pretty sure there is some info about it on the net.

Mike, an American living in Norway