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Thanks y’all! Ian, the bent lamination was the biggest pain. I had no idea how hard it was going to be to get the laminations to come out the same size and shape. I bent all of the pieces the same way, with the same forms. I left them in the forms for 24 hours, but even after that long, they would relax some over time, and at different rates, so no two came out the same. I spent a lot of time re-bending pieces until I had four that were of the correct size and shape after relaxing.
I also discovered that KD ash is wonderful to work with when steam bending. It bends almost like rubber, and holds its shape very well, with only a little spring back after 24 hours. The KD cherry, on the other hand, doesn’t take particularly well to steam bending. It’s prone to cracking and has a very short working time.

MsDebbie, I used to be a sailor, so I have a very broad vocabulary so to speak ;) I had attached sand paper to one of the “S” curves to seat it in the base, got over zealous, and broke the %&$# “S” curve. If my youngest grand daughter would have been there, we would have put on some music and did a happy dance (maybe CCR and Down on the Corner). But as luck would have it, she wasn’t there that day, so I resorted to the only thing I had left ;)
I would love to help you out with a music stand, but until I get a draw knife, spoke shave, and/or a band saw, I’m never doing that again! Call it learning the limitations of the tools you have, and don’t exceed those limitations.

Klaus, incorporating the curves into the design was easy…in my head. In practicality, well…thank God for sand paper!

Where are the band-aids?---Pro Libertate!